EACO Congress

(a) There is hereby established an EACO Congress which shall comprise of all EACO members. The       Chairperson of the Congress shall be elected by EACO members from amongst Chief Executive Officers of the Regulatory Members and the election shall have due regard to the principle of rotation.

(b) The Congress shall be the highest decision making organ of EACO and shall;

(i) Consider and approve the broad policies of EACO;

(ii) Consider and approve the Strategic Plan of EACO;

(iii) Consider the reports from various organs of EACO and make appropriate decisions;

(iv) Consider and adopt the Auditor’s report;

(v) Approve the membership fee structure;

(vi) Appoint committees, working groups or other persons to advise the Congress or to perform such specific tasks as the Congress may consider necessary; and

 (vii) Approve amendments to the Constitution.