EACO Secretariat

(i) There shall be an EACO Secretariat headed by an Executive Secretary;

 (ii) The EACO Secretariat shall have such other staff in accordance with the organizational structure approved by the Congress;

(iii) The EACO Secretariat shall be located at the Headquarters of EACO;

(iv) The EACO Secretariat shall be responsible for:

   (a) Conducting and executing EACO business operations on a day-to-day basis;

   (b) The development and implementation of the strategic plan and management of all EACO programmes and projects;

   (c) Convening, in consultation with the Chairpersons of the relevant organs, the meetings of various organs/committees, taking and maintaining records of those           meetings;

   (d) Development of necessary information and position papers to be discussed by the various EACO institutions;

   (e) Providing strategic and technical facilitation as well administrative and logistical support to the meetings of all EACO organs;

   (f) Establishing an information data base and documentation for the ICT industry and disseminating such information to the membership as may be necessary;

   (g) Carrying out of the general and financial administration of EACO including preparation and implementation of operational and financial plans and budgets,             keeping  proper books of accounts and ensuring annual auditing of those accounts;

   (h) Mobilizing funds, from development partners and other sources, for the implementation of EACO programs and activities;

    (i) Representing and promoting EACO regionally and internationally;

    (j) Maintaining and safekeeping of all official documents, records and assets; and

    (k) Such other activities as the Congress may from time to time determine.

 (v)     The expenses of the EACO Secretariat shall be borne by members.