29th Annual Assemblies 
Extra-ordinary Congress

24th - 28th June 2024                                          Nairobi, Kenya                                         @ Safari Park Hotel 

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DAY 1: 

Mon, 24th  June 2024
1.      Official Opening Ceremony 
2.      Unveiling EACO Regional Statistics for 2023. Download the full report here
3.     ​High Level Round Table Discussion on “Promoting Digital Transformation in the EAC Region” 
4.   Workshops:
          - Telecom and Broadcasting Workshop Theme “ Role of ICT in Promoting Digital Transformation in the Region” 
          - Postal Workshop Theme “Promoting E-commerce in Postal & Courier Services”
DAY 2: 
Tue, 25th June 2024
Meetings of EACO Committees and Working Groups
     (HRC, LCAC, FARMC, WG1, WG2, WG3,  WG4, WG5, WG, WG7)
DAY 3:

Wed, 26th June 2024
         1.      Regulatory Assembly Programme download  and  Agenda here
         2.      Telecom Assembly Programme download   
         3.      Broadcasting Assembly Programme download
         4.      Postal Assembly Programme download
DAY 4: 

Thurs, 27th  June 2024
1.    34th EACO Executive Committee (EXCOM) 
2.    Meeting of Joint Working Committee (JWC)  Program download here
3.    Workshop on “Closing the connectivity gap in Africa through USF” 
4.    Closing Session
DAY 5: 

Fri, 28th June 2024
1.      Official Opening of EXTRA-ORDINARY CONGRESS OF EACO
2.      Closing
Full Detailed Programme!