EACO Congress Reports

Title Type Document Name Date of Publication
Announcement for the 29th Annual Assemblies and Extra-ordinary Congress Announcement for the 29th Annual EACO Assemblies and Extra Ordinary Congress.pdf 2024-03-27
EAC Radio Frequency spectrum Allocation_25 EACO Congress EAC_Radio_Frequency_Spectrum_Allocation_25_EACO_Congress.pdf 2023-10-26
Guideline7_EACO Universal Postal Guideline 7_ EACO Universal Postal_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-25
Regional Strategy_25EACO Congress Regional Strategy_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Manual on Digital Financial Service_25EACO Congress Manual on Digital Financial Service_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Harmonized Frequency Licensing Framework_25EACO Congress Harmonized Frencency licensing Framework_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Guidelines1 Critical Infrastructure_25EACO Congress Guidelines1 critical infrastructure_ 25EACO CONGRESS.pdf 2023-10-23
Guidelines Frequency Spectrum6_25EACO Congress Guidelines Frequency spectrum 6_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Guideline8_Competition Assessment_25EACO Congress Guidelines 8_Competition Assessment_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Guideline5_Content Sharing Digital_25EACO Congress Guidelines 5_ content sharing Digital_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Guideline9_Metering Billing for Voice_25EACO Congress Guideline 9_Metering billing for voice_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Guideline2_QoS_25EACO Congress Guideline 2_QoS_25 EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Guide to Satellite_25EACO Congress GUIDE TO SATELLITE_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
EACO Harmonized Spectrum Mgt Strategy_25EACO Congress EACO Harmonized Spectrum mngt Strategy_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Guidelines3 on Frequency Spectrum _25EACO Congress EACO Guidelines3 on Frequency Spectrum_25EACO Congress.pdf 2023-10-23
Costing Methodology_25EACO Congress COSTING Methodology_25EACO CONGRESS.pdf 2023-10-23
Best Practices_25EACO CONGRESS Best Practices1_25EACO CONGRESS.pdf 2023-10-23
25th EACO Congress Report held in Bujumbura, June 2023 25th EACO Congress Report held in Bujumbura, June 2023.pdf 2023-08-29
24th EACO Congress Final report (July 9th 2021) 24th EACO Congress Final Report-Virtually hosted by Rwanda 9 July 2021 .pdf 2021-07-09
24th EACO Congress Chairman Report (July 2021) Report _24th EACO Congress Chairman -July 2021 Revised Final.doc 2021-08-04
Report of 23rd EACO Congress held in Mwanza,Tanzania 5th July 2019 23rd-EACO-Congress-Report-held-in-Mwanza-Tanzania-5-July-2019.docx 2019-09-30
23rd EACO Congress Decisions Making 23RD_EACO_CONGRESS_DECISIONS.pdf 2019-09-10
Highlights key decisions from 23rd EACO Congress held on 5th July 2019, Mwanza - Tanzania Decisions_from_the_23rd_EACO_Congress.pdf 2019-07-23
22nd EACO Congress Report Held in Kampala, Uganda 22ND_EACO_Congress_Final_Report_Kampala.docx 2018-04-09
Report of 21st EACO Congress Held in Kampala, Uganda 22 - 26 June 2015 21st_EACO_Congress_Report.docx 2015-06-01
Report of 20th EACO Congress Held at KICC, Nairobi,Kenya 24 - 28 June 2013 20th_EACO_Congress_final_Report.pdf 2013-06-01
Report of 19th EACO Congress Held in Bujumbura,Burundi 28 May - 01 June 2012 19_congress_report.pdf 2012-05-01
Report of 18th EACO Congress Held in Kigali, Rwanda 23 - 27 May 2011 18_congress_report.pdf 2017-10-25
Report of 17th EACO Congress Held Kampala, Uganda 7th May 2010 17th_congress_report.pdf 2017-10-25
Report of 16th EACO (EARPTO) Congress Held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 29th May 2009 The_Report_of_the_16th_EARPTO_Congress_Dar_Es_Salaam1.pdf 2009-05-01