Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee (FARMC)

    Chairperson: Mr. Daniel Elias, Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority – TCRA

    Vice Chairperson: Mr. Melchior Nzakizwanimana, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority – RURA

      FRMC ToRs::

        Coordinated by EACO Secretariat: Accountant/Finance Officer.

        (i) To review EACO’s Strategic Plan, Annual Action Plans and Budget and make recommendations to EXCOM;
          (ii) To review the performance of the Working Groups in line with the implementation of the Strategic Plan (monitoring & evaluation);
          (iii) To review the Financial Statements before being audited and present the audit reports and recommendations to EXCOM for approval;
          (iv) To review EACO financial rules and Regulations from time to time as it deems necessary;
          (v) To review from time to time the status of EACO’s income status and recommend other alternative source of revenue that would help towards its sustainability;
          (vi) To review the internal audit plan & reports, and make appropriate recommendations to EXCOM;
          vii To assess EACO risk management and advice EXCOM appropriately;
            viii Advice the EXCOM on financial sustainability of EACO and other matters related to finance and risk management of the organization.