Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee (FRMC)

    Chairperson: Mr. Dominic Ooko, Communications Authority of Kenya- CA.

    Vice Chairperson: Ms. Olive Kazeneza, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority - RURA.

      FRMC ToRs::

        Coordinated by EACO Secretariat: Accountant/Finance Offier.

        (i) To review EACO’s Strategic Plan, annual action plans and Budget.
          (ii) To review the Financial Statements before being presented to EXCOM for consideration and subsequent being audited.
          (iii) To review key policies and processes and assessing the organization risks.
          (iv) To review EACO’s sources of revenue and recommend other alternative sources that would help towards its sustainability.
          (v) To review EACO’s expenses and recommend efficient resources allocation towards achievements of its objectives.
          (vi) To review the internal audit reports and make appropriate recommendations to EXCOM.
          (vi) Advise the EXCOM on financial sustainability of EACO.