Dr. Ally Yahaya Simba: EACO Executive Secretary

It has been a singular honor for me to become not only a member of EACO but also more so to now being trusted to lead the “Team of achievers” of the EACO ecosystem. I would like to thank my colleagues at the EACO Secretariat, EACO members at large and all our affiliates for making EACO continue to grow in leaps and bounds as its visibility now going global within just five years since its inception back in 2012.

We are currently faced with such tremendous and insurmountable innovative technology evolution which demands us running if not flying with the ensued trends. These innovations are emerging at a speed that leaves Regulators struggling almost giving up had it not being the continued sharing and the stakeholders’ collaborations in improving and adopting best practices from global ICTs stakeholders.

ICTs are becoming increasingly recognized as essential pillars in a converged ecosystem with their inherent potentials and opportunities to develop and nurture progressive results across almost all social economic sectors. Electronic services for the Governments, Schools, Health, Agriculture, have now taken the center stage in the human social-economic development processes. If EACO populace delay to exploit the emerging opportunities and creatively move with it, as we rightly conceived EACO and its objectives; sooner than later we may isolate our region from the pace-makers to late-comers and late- adopters.

Success of Regulator’s (the overseer of the ICT sector), to steer the sector depends much on how innovatively and timely provides right and strategic information needed to the sector and policy makers as well as being able to address the needs and concerns of other stakeholders i.e. both operators’ and consumers’ rights and obligations. In this, the leadership role of the Regulator is to find nexus of three issues:-

  1. Knowing and implementing what is possible i.e. the technical work of engineers, financial experts, lawyers, statisticians, etc
  2. Identifying values and priorities i.e. the work of Politics, dialogue and negotiations; and
  3. Aligning systems, i.e. the work of managing people and organizations.

I applaud all professionals from our region who tirelessly have developed various guidelines, regulations, and carried out important studies to provide solutions to the region’s long time problems. So also I would like on behalf of EACO Executive Committee and its Secretariat, to applaud all CEOs who sacrificed resources and time by allowing our professional to participate in various Committees and Working Groups to enable EACO achieve all it has been able to do in the short life span it has existed.

I would like in a special way to thank, congratulate and wish my predecessor, a brother indeed and a man of Integrity; Mr Hodge Semakula for his great work of walking EACO from its nascent beginning to its current visibility. He has set the standard so high such that I am even challenged how I am expected to raise it higher let alone maintaining it.

Dr. Ally Yahaya Simba – Executive Secretary