EACO Legal and Human Resource Committee - LHRC

    Terms of Reference (ToRs):

  • Interpret the EACO Constitution and related Rules of Procedure and Regulations.
  • Recommend necessary amendments to the EACO Constitution
  • Provide legal advice to the organs of EACO on any legal or Constitutional matter.
  • Recommend Rules and Regulations for the smooth functioning of EACO and it Assess the skills gaps and human resource development needs of the EACO members and the communications sector in general.
  • Develop/review and interpret the EACO Human Resource Manual and Financial Rules and Regulations.
  • Develop and harmonize the human resource development framework in the region in collaboration with the Academia and other training institutions.
  • Organize and recommend capacity building in view to Promote adoption of ICT tools for HR development in the EACO region.
  • Guide and support the Secretariat on any legal matter.
  • To review and recommend harmonized cyber security laws and regulations for the EAC region.