EACO Working Groups Reports

Title Type Document Name Date of Publication
Recommendations on Harmonizing the Licensing Frameworks v2 2012/13 Recommendations_on_Harmonizing_the_Licensing_Frameworks_v2_2012_13.pdf 2013-06-01
Harmonized Converged Unified Licensing Framework working group Report 2012 Harmonized_Converged_Unified_Licensing_Framework_Taskforce_Report_2012_13.pdf 2012-12-01
Guidelines on Harmonised Converged Unified Licensing Frameworks 2012/13 Guidelines_on_Harmonised_Converged_Unified_Licensing_Frameworks_2012_13.pdf 2013-06-01
WG01 1st Meeting Report of 16th-18th Oct 2013 WG01_1st_Meeting_Report_16th_18th_Oct_2013.pdf 2013-10-01
WG01 2nd Meeting Report Held in Arusha on 5th-7th May 2014 WG01_2nd_Meeting_Report_Arusha_May_2014.pdf 2014-05-01
EACO WG1 Policy and Regulatory Harmonization Report October 2014 EACO_WG1_Policy_and_Regulatory_Harmonization_Report_ 2014.pdf.pdf 2014-10-01
Draft Model ICT Policy KGJ 20th March 2015 Draft_Model_ICT_Policy_KGJ_March_2015.pdf 2015-05-01
Record for the 4th WG01 Meeting of 16th-20th March 2015 Kigali, Rwanda Record_for_the_4th_WG01_Meeting_March_2015_Kigali.pdf 2015-03-01
WG01 Report to 21st EACO Congress WG01_REPORT_TO_21st_CONGRESS.pdf 2015-06-01
Record for the 5th WG01 Meeting of 5th-7th October 2015 Kigali, Rwanda EACO_WG01_Record_of_5th_Meeting_Kigali-October_2015.pdf 2015-10-01
Record for the 6th WG01 Meeting of 31st Oct-4th Nov 2016 Arusha, Tanzania EACO_WG01_Record_of_6th_Meeting_Arusha-November_2016.pdf 2016-10-01
Record for the 7th WG01 Meeting on 26th 2017 at EAC HQ Arusha, Tanzania Report-of-26-April-2017-Arusha-V1.pdf 2017-04-02