The 6th E-Waste Workshop Documents

  1. Programme

Day 1 Documents                                Moderators: Nehemia Mwenisongole, Juma Ooro,  and Sarah Njau                         

Presenters' Bio

  1. Introductory Remarks – Executive Secretary, EACO – Dr. Ally Yahaya Simba - Download
  2. Key Note speech, Dr. Thomas Musili,  WEEEC Centre - Download
  3. Presentation from the  Chairperson of EACO WG 07 -  Ms. Anita Hodari  - Download
  4. Olivier Mbera - Chairperson – EACO WG 07 Regional Steering Committee (RSC) - download
  5. Abdul Hamid Makame: Vice President Office (VPO),Tanzania on the electronic waste management policy, legal, regulatory framework, and enforcement in Tanzania - Download download
  6. Dr. Anthony Mabele, Member of County Assembly, Kenya on Experiences in Legislation Status Implementation of Bungoma County E-Waste Management Billin Kenya - Download 
  7. Michael Ocero, Ministry of ICT, Uganda on the Electronic waste management policy, legal, regulatory framework, and enforcement in Uganda - Download
  8. Nasra Yusuf, Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS)  on Standards: Tools to Manage E-waste - Download
  9. Derrick Khamali, Communications Authority of Kenya on Enforcing compliance to e-waste management practices - Download
  10. ITU Presentation-Gram Bel, Circular Economy Coordinator  -Download    
  11. DSS+, presentation by Federico Magalini a  Mechanical Engineer, holds a PhD in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano University - Download                          
  12. UNITAR-SCYCLE,  presentation by Dr. Balde Kees, ​Senior Scientific Specialist Sustainable Cycles,  United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)  - Download
  13. Black Forest Solutions presentation by Sebastian Frisch - Download

Day 2 Documents​                                                   Moderators:  Paul Demetry & Sarah Njau

  1. Sarah Njau,  Landbell GreenForest Solutions Kenya on  Extended Producer Responsibility and its role in WEEE management. Does it matter?  A Case of Kenya, East Africa - Download 
  2. Philip Apiu, National Communication Authority, South Sudan; on E-waste survey, case study of South Sudan - Download
  3. Anita Hodari, RURA Rwanda and Chairperson WG07 on Implementation of EPR on-going project in Rwanda - Download
  4. Olivier Mbera, Chairperson Regional Steering Committee on E-waste collection, recycling systems, and e-waste management, a case study of Rwanda - Download
  5. Colin Craig, Associate Legal Officer Global Programme on Implementing the Organized Crime Convention Organized Crime and Illicit  Trafficking Branch Division for Treaty Affairs, UNODC on Addressing e-waste from a criminal justice perspective - Download
  6. Prof. John Leju Celestino University of Juba, Department of Environmental Studies, School of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies and Managing Partner for WEEE Centre South Sudan. Presentation on WEEE Centre Initiative in South Sudan  - Download    
  7. David Batali,  Director General, Ministry of Environment & Forestry, Republic of South Sudan  - Downlaod

Day 3 Documents                                                                 Moderator: Michael Ocero

  1. Dr. Ramadhan S. Mlinga, Technical Advisor, Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (PPDAA) on the role of  PPDAA in E-Waste Management  - Download
  2. Liazzat Rabbiosi, Secretariat of the Vienna Convention & Montreal Protocol on Managing electr​ical equipment as a pathway to e-waste management - Download
  3. Dr. Anthony Mabele, Member of County Assembly, Kenya ​on e-Waste Management best practices and successful case studies from around the world - Download
  4. Sarah Njau, Landbell GreenForest Solutions Kenya on Overview of the SDGs (4, 6, 8, 11, and 12) and their connection to e-Waste Management -Download
  5. Derick S. Khamali,  Communications Authority (CA), Kenya on Scope and highlights on ITU-T Study Group 5- Download
  6. Presentation of Key Points/Declarations from the workshop by the Rapporteur: Kevin Bakulumpagi - Uganda Communication Commission - Download